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My fiancee (nincompoopofatook) and I did the Fixer Upper/Wedding Version of Anna and Kristoff today :) So happy with how it turned out! 

If anyone took our photo at CTCON I would love to have them so be sure to tag me or something ^^

Doing it all again tomorrow!

Hey guys! This is how my Kristoff cosplay turned out with my fiancee. More pics to come :) 

My fiance did a test of her Anna cosplay today and it looks awesome!!! 

Get to Know Me (Disney) Challenge - 8 Outfits
→[7/8] - Meg’s Dress

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At last, I see the light.
At last, I see the light.

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It is our job to watch over the children of the world, and keep them safe.

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Disney + red/orange

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~ Make Me Choose ~ ar-i-ell asked, Aladdin or The Princess and the Frog ~


~ Make Me Choose ~ ar-i-ell asked, Aladdin or The Princess and the Frog ~

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mini three day hiatus because I’m going on a road trip/concert/thing with friends! Have a lovely weekend <3

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