What you will see here: Disney, Dreamworks, Childhood memories. Stay tuned for Disney Trivia Challenges. My dream job is to work for Disney Animation Studios as a character designer and conceptual illustrator for animated films<3 "All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them"- Walt Disney Began June 16th, 2011. Street Rats

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You’re a hard man to predict.

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This is what I look like …normally : D 

Axel from Kingdom Hearts 2 was my first cosplay ever from 2007. I consistently cosplayed him until 2009 but was never very good at it. Oh god, embarrassing picture. 

(I have so many pictures of this cosplay but it’s all so horrible I don’t want to share)

Next is a little playful Jack Sparrow. If you are interested in seeing more Jack, let me know. 

My girlfriend and I did a very long and edited Twilight photoshoot back in 2009. I’m Edward Cullen. There are numerous more pictures to this cosplay. 

Ronald Weasley is up in here. 

From there on I did my cosplay I am most proud of, Drocell from Kuroshitsuji. Which I cosplayed 2009 and 2010 I believe. 

I have a couple other cosplays but nothing worth showing : D

Any suggestions? Anything you guys would think would be suitable for me? : D 

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